Peace on Earth, good will towards men…

Remains a wish, like, say, I wish upon a star…

Commitment to acheiving Peace remains an elusive quality in our world…

In this, the season for celebrating “the Prince of Peace”, this predominently Christian nation is responsible for the “collateral damage” to thousands of Iraqi women and children, in a war to bring the blessings of Democracy to “the Iraqi People”. I do not believe that Jesus had that in mind when he was preaching peace in Palestine 2,000 years ago.

We are mired in a stuggle between tribal factions that has it’s roots in a thousand years of history, and in the “war on terror” which is, at it’s core, a conflict of religious beliefs and fundamental values.

Since about half of U.S. citizens voted to keep the current administration in power,and both candidates were in favor of supporting the ongoing war effort, it is apparent to me that here in the good old U.S.A, at least, no consensus of Peace exists, no good will towards man (not to mention women, children and babies in their cribs, especially if their skin is brown, and they are poor). No brotherly love.

Christian love and compassion apparently does not extend to the body politic of this age. Maybe we will need to wait for the Second Coming to see what Jesus has to say about this… maybe then we will see the real Shock and Awe.


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