Positive Qualities – Thoughtful & Penitent

We become what we do.Dune, Frank Patrick Herbert (1920-1986) Author

One piece of general advice these days is to take yourself out of the equation. A healthy sense of self is necessary, and yet it is not an excuse to be selfish. A good way to create a balance is to think of the rights and feeling of others. How can I be Thoughtful? How can I be positively Penitent? What is the proper action to take with the offence I have given?



Definitions: (1) showing respect for others; considerate; courteous; (2) aware of the views and sensibilities of others; heedful; mindful; attentive; (3) characterized by or manifesting careful deliberation; contemplative; cognitive; (4) occupied with or given to religious reflection; meditative; (5) possessing the power of reasoning and conceiving ideas; imaginative

Balancing Qualities: creative, curious, flexible, open, persistent

The soul is dyed with the color of its thoughts. — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (121-180) Roman Emperor and Philosopher

Govern your thoughts as if your future depends on them, because it does.
— Debra Saint Claire (1952 – ) Master Herbalist

 Reflection: Others deserve your special attention because they are valuable. If you realize their worth, you will wish to be good to them – thoughtful, considerate, and courteous.

• Positive thoughts expand. Negative thoughts contract.

• In order to be thoughtful you have to know (or gamble on knowing) what the other person desires, needs, or wants. There are subtle signs, but one way that is pretty definite: Ask.


Definition: having regret of offense or sin and willingness to atone; contrite

Comment: If you did something you know was wrong, you will eventually see it for what it was, and want to reverse the injury. To feel a need to take positive action is a first step. Yet you may not be able to remove the harm done to a specific person. What you can do is change who you are. Then you will act differently to all.

Consider the Source

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