Positive Qualities – Eminent & Self-possessed

Life is a self fulfilling prophecy, and you usually get what you expect. — Denis E. Waitley (1933-) Motivational Speaker

All positive qualities can grow from where they are. If one has achieved a modicum of Eminence, there is always more to realize – physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially, spiritually. One of the accomplishments is the balance of qualities possessed either by increasing one or more or by adding some positive character trait needed. An example of this balance would be the humility of Self-possession if one has (or wishes to have) some sort of fame.



Definitions: (1) standing high by comparison with others due to recognized achievement or renown; (2) outstanding; remarkable; great

Synonyms: celebrated, exalted, famous, illustrious, noteworthy 


Definition: in control of one’s emotions or reactions <especially when under pressure and stress>; having presence of mind; composed in manner; calm; poised

Symbol: the cloak
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