Oversimplifying Intelligent Design

One of the most unintelligent responses to the one and only uncaused cause was recently manifest in response to an article published by the science journal PLOS ONE. The Chinese scientists and publication apparently ran afoul of the scientific priesthood when they referred to, of all things, a Creator.

“English is not our native language,”researcher Ming-Jin Liu said. “Our understanding of the word Creator was not actually as a native English speaker expected.”

Apparently those criticizing the researchers equate Creationism with any reference to a Creator. After the self-appointed priesthood of science jumped all over them, PLOS ONE quickly published the “scientific” equivalent of Galileo’s Abjuration. It reads as follows:

“A number of readers have concerns about sentences in the article that make references to a ‘Creator.’ The PLOS ONE editors apologize that this language was not addressed internally or by the Academic Editor during the evaluation of the manuscript. We are looking into the concerns raised about the article with priority and will take steps to correct the published record.”

Ming-Jin Liu, a mechanical engineering researcher at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, has reached out to PLOS ONE to address the “confusion-turned-controversy.”

“What we would like to express is that the biomechanical characteristic of tendious connective architecture between muscles and articulations is a proper ‘design’ by the Nature — result of evolution — to perform a multitude of daily grasping tasks,” Liu told UPI, relaying his correspondence with the scientific journal.

“We will change the Creator to nature in the revised manuscript. We apologize for any troubles that may have been caused by this misunderstanding.”

Here at Ascension Cafe, our thoughts and prayers are with the editors and researchers at the center of this “controversy” as they struggle with the fact of evolutionary over-control and the Cause of Causes. We hope those at the commanding heights of the scientific community have not exerted a retardant influence that proves insurmountable. We are, however, buoyed by the fact that total reality is best understood through the application of three types of light. These include physical light, intellectual insight, and Spirit luminosity. These are, after all, the true lessons of The Enlightenment.


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