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The Purchase of Souls

To have a vested interest in something means that one has a personal stake in its continuation or success. This simple fact explains how politicians can engage in continued subterfuge long after it has become apparent that such a course will lead to their ultimate destruction. And it is one way that, once compromised, a …

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Union Now

UNION NOW A Proposal for a Federal Union of the Democracies of the North Atlantic By Clarence K. Streit For the Great Republic, For the Principle It Lives By and Keeps Alive, For Man’s Vast Future. —Lincoln This book was first made public in essence in three Cooper Foundation lectures at Swarthmore College. HARPER & BROTHERS PUBLISHERS …

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An Anti-Democracy Trifecta

Full Transcript: One cautionary definition of democracy is that of three wolves and a sheep deciding on dinner. And that’s precisely why the framers of our constitution provided for two Senators to represent each state, no matter how sizable or populous. Then, the gamesmanship began when the so-called Great Compromise ensued, resulting in each non-white …

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The Filibuster as an Obfuscation Device

Full Transcript: One of the first known practitioners of the filibuster was the Roman senator Cato the Younger. He could obstruct passage of any legislation he opposed by speaking continuously until such time as the Senate would adjourn for the night. In the United States, the filibuster came into existence as the result of an …

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How Do I Hack Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.

Full Transcript: I don’t mean to burst your filter bubble, but we’re now more vulnerable than ever. In the spring of 2017, the virulent WannaCry outbreak afflicted over 200,000 computers in over 150 countries. Since then, high profile ransomware attacks have caused extensive damage to a wide variety of tech-savvy organizations including motion picture companies, …

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