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Collapsable Photobioreactor

Collapsable Photobioreactor

“We scaled up our novel photobioreactor design and conducted independent functionality tests that confirmed the unit’s robustness,” said Proterro CEO Kef Kasdin. “The modular photobioreactors, which are made from off-the-shelf materials, including polyethylene, can withstand category 1 hurricane winds,” she explained, adding, “Because of the materials used and the innovative design, we also have been …

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Precision Irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa

Large, centralized irrigation schemes, often built around big water storage dams, were a major component of the Green Revolution that helped boost food production and reduce famine risks for millions of people, especially in Asia. But they have often proven environmentally destructive and, especially in Africa, expensive. By contrast, decentralized irrigation – small individual systems …

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Direct Use of Solar Energy for Distillation Systems

As regional shortages of fresh water become more prevalent, solar distillation using a single-effect basin holds promise as a method to bring low-cost, clean, and ecologically-responsible water to remote area dwellers. Compound parabolic concentrators (CPCs) can be used to direct more light onto the still increasing the throughput and efficiency of these passive solar devices. …

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Removing Arsenic from Water

Ashok Gadgil of Berkeley Lab has developed a low-cost and highly efficient method to remove arsenic from water to less than 10 parts per billion (ppb) – the World Health Organization and U.S. EPA standard for drinking water. The technology has been tested in Bangladesh and Cambodia and proven effective. The cost of the treatment …

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Inspiring Kids at the Exploratorium

Consider the Source

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