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Survival Tip — Stay Focused

Where the eye is upon superfluities, either of quantity or quality, rather than bare necessities, there self-maintenance passes over toward self-gratification, and vanity-wants and pleasure-wants supersede hunger-wants.  —W. G. Sumner and A. G. Keller (1927)

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East Africa’s Pending Famine

An unfortunate mix of drought, failed harvests and rising food prices have brought severe food shortages to the east and the Horn of Africa. The severe food crisis is already affecting around 10 million people in parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. Rains have failed over two seasons, with a strong La Niña event …

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How to Build a Tornado Safe Room

There are many designs and many different types of materials used to construct storm rooms. Some features that should be common to all of them are: The room must not have any windows The room should not be constructed in a flood zone or storm surge zone All surfaces of the room should be able …

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