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Game Changing Battery

Tesla will finally be passing along details on its long-awaited batteries designed for home use, plus a “utility-scale” battery. They will likely be manufactured in its new Gigafactory in Nevada. A Tesla spokesperson has confirmed the announcement: “We have decided to share a bit about what we will announce on the 30th,” Jeff Evanson, Tesla’s …

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Air-entrained Concrete

In Mexico they say: “we build our homes so we have to go outside in the summer to be fresh, and in the winter we go outside to catch the rays of sun to be warm.” And so, the search is on for a concrete mix that is strong with a high insulation value. Air-entrained …

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Making the Most of Wind Power

Wind power accounts for roughly 2.5 percent of total worldwide electricity production but is growing a rate of about 25 percent annually. For as long as ships needed to be propelled, sails have been employed to make use of wind energy. Windmills provided mechanical power for centuries and wind pumps lifted water out of the …

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Keystone Pipeline – Refining in the Hurricane Prone Zone

Supporters of the Keystone Pipeline project argue the pipeline is needed to promote U.S. energy security. And yet, one doesn’t need much of a historical perspective to know that disruptions in the Gulf of Mexico are expensive and frequent. Just why our policy makers can’t seem to learn from the “no single point of failure” …

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Consumer Sovereignty and the Apocalypse-proof Dream

Dreaming tiny dreams has become a favorite pastime in the past five or 10 years.  The “tiny house movement” is gaining greater traction as ever more people choose to downsize for economic or ecological reasons. A small house, usually being defined as one offering less than 400 sq ft of space, offers a stimulating challenge about living …

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