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House Optimized for Ideal Solar Gain

This house on Barcelona’s waterfront, uses time-tested passive solar techniques, but it takes a high-tech leap forward using digital design and digital fabrication techniques to make it completely optimized for ideal solar gain. With its jagged cantilevers jutting out at odd angles across most of the facade (except the North corner), Solar House 2.0 looks, …

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Three Models of Microfinancing

The Disruptive Influence of Microfinancing Ten percent of the world has access to traditional banking. And traditional banks often refuse to finance low-income or unemployed entrepreneurs, no matter how viable their ideas are. Now, enabled by the spread of mobile technology and wireless internet access, microfinancing organizations are attempting to eradicate this problem through small …

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Success Story – Hoboken Eddie’s

Chef Eddie, a master chef and certified caterer, is powerfully serious about his sauces. He’s spent years devising and concocting his brews. When you taste ’em, you’ll be craving ’em. Edmund Patrick “Hoboken Eddie” McCarthy starts with the highest quality ingredients and then mixes them with a secret array of herbs and spices to conjure-up his tastebud tantalizing sauces. …

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Success Story – Jacqui’s Preemie Pride

Jacqui’s Preemie Pride is a Labor of Love. The journey with a preemie is a hard one, but babies are sooo resilient. Born two months early in 1985, Jacqui stayed in the NICU at Georgetown University Hospital for five weeks. Then, she spent another ten days in a level two NICU unit at Shady Grove …

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Success Story – Tanga

We started out in a garage, not because it would make for a nice story about humble beginnings, but because the company was literally trapped in a garage. Both doors were jammed. The whole structure was encased in concrete. The only way out required MacGyver-esque heroics. Lacking the paper clips and pudding to create an …

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