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Energy Efficient Photovoltaic Production

The Optical Cavity Furnace is a relatively new type of furnace that uses light and optics rather than other sources to create silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) cells. The new process uses only half the amount of energy to make conventional PVs. The recent innovation uses a series of lamps in a reflective chamber to create temperature …

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Making Things Glow

LED Bridge Lighting

The lamps of yesteryear, incandescents, produce light when electricity heats a thin filament. This causes it to glow. The quality of light is pleasing to many. But the lamps only last about 1,500 hours at best. They’re also inefficient. Roughly 90 percent of the energy is emitted as heat rather than light. Full,  partial, or …

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Train Your Ear to the Pulse of Innovation — 3d Printing is Here!

Need a new knocker for the front door? Select a design and push the print button. How about that fork that got damaged in the garbage disposal? Scan one of the remaining ones and print a replacement. Printing 3d objects at home is now possible although the choices of material are somewhat limited. Soon, very …

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