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Tiny House Can’t Be Moved

A downsizing dream has been stalled for one Anderson County man who spent his entire life savings building a tiny home that the state says is not certified to move into a mobilehome park. Bob Pritts built the 208-square-foot home himself. It’s only 8-feet wide and 26-feet long, but is equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, …

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Living Large in Small Spaces

TreeHugger Founder, Graham Hill, Lives In A Mind-Blowing 420-Square Feet ‘Tiny Home.’ His home is a prototype of spaces from LifeEdited, Inc., a company dedicated to showing people how living in small spaces can actually be a good thing. In the video, we see Graham uses just 420 square feet of space to sleep, host …

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Tiny Solar House

Solar tiny house designed by Michael Janzen and built by Bill Brooks. PART I PART II PART III PART IV Consider the Source

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The Politics of Tiny Houses

As much as he enjoys talking about design, what Jay Scaafer really wanted to talk about in this interview was the politics of tiny houses. Why building and zoning codes are stacked against tiny houses, how the costs of purchase and upkeep compare to the big houses he calls “debtors’ prisons”, and why, when the …

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Little House on the Trailer

Dee Williams decided to downsize from a 1,500 square foot home to a 84 square foot home after a trip to Guatemala. She built her current home, “The Little House,” herself for about $10,000. With a propane tank for heat and electricity coming from solar panels, Williams cost of living runs extremely low. Consider the …

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