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Positive Qualities – Solemn & Glad

Dear Folks, • When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. • Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship. —    Author Unknown Many qualities seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Nonetheless, all positive qualities are balanced within the overarching umbrella of Love. Krisnamurti wisely advised us to be joyfully discontent. This …

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Positive Qualities – Risible & Soulful

It’s what you do that makes your soul. — Animal Dreams, Barbara Kingsolver (1955-) Author Adding a Risible quality to your repertoire greatly increases the depth and breadth of your soul creation. Your unique Soulful nature is a key ingredient in your attraction to others. Peace, Jim             RISIBLE Definitions: (1) able or inclined to …

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Cool Pool Fool

Tissa David animation of John Hubley’s “Cool Pool Fool” for Children’s Television Workshop. Consider the Source

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Strategic Gardening

They haven’t walked their dog on my lawn since I paraded around in my Haz Mat Chic outfit.

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Reciprocity Failure

The problem with trickle-down economics is that evaporation occurs at twice the rate of flow. — Robert H. Kalk

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