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The Divine Right of Subrogation

Chinese Symbol for Earth

Jesus is the light of the world! And this particular proclamation is one of the best examples of how the mission of Jesus resonates with sincere truth seekers everywhere and every when, for as the poet said: “We all warm ourselves before one hearth.” In the Gospel of John we are told: “In the beginning …

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Positive Qualities – Regal & Prayerful

Dear Folks, Realize you can open your arms to change, without letting go of your values. Pray — there is immeasurable power in it. Never interrupt when you are being flattered. — Selections from: Instructions for Life, Anonymous We do not often think of ourselves as Regal, but as your read the definitions, imagine it …

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Revitalizing an Addled Christianity

The teachings of Jesus, even though greatly modified, survived the mystery cults of their birthtime, the ignorance and superstition of the dark ages, and are even now slowly triumphing over the materialism, mechanism, and secularism of the twentieth century. And such times of great testing and threatened defeat are always times of great revelation. Religion …

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Are Peace and Harmony Attainable?

Quite often, men of the world refer to believers as troublemakers; as Ahab called Elijah a “troubler of Israel” (1 Kings 18:16-18). Interestingly, Jesus might appear more of a troublemaker than a peacemaker, as people could not agree about him. Jesus explains, “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did …

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Student Ministry: 7 Checkpoints

7 Checkpoints Curriculum Strategy for Students is an intentional, systematic approach to discipleship focused on the content of discipleship. These seven student-specific principles are the irreducible minimum. The authors are convinced that these seven basic principles every student should understand, commit to memory and embrace before they leave the safety of their homes and youth …

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