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How Far To The Nearest Star?

Humans are an optimistic bunch of beings. We assume that someday we will travel to the stars and beyond just like what happened in Star Trek. The closest star to us (earth) is a star called Proxima Centauri which is one of three stars in a cluster known as Alpha Centauri. This star is 4.3 …

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There’s Something About Hydrogen

Hydrogen Atom

This is what a hydrogen atom looks like. Hydrogen is the simplest kind of atom in the universe. This atom has a nucleus that is made up of one proton. Circling around the nucleus is one electron. In the beginning of the universe, hydrogen was probably the only atom there was. These atoms gradually grouped …

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Introducing Your Thesis Advisor

In November of 2008, the Lead Trustee for the soon to be established Aevia Charitable Trust (The ACT), gave a talk on the carryover from person to person, or from one generation to another, that permits us to stand on the shoulders of greatness. The talk included the following statement: “The scientific quest, the curiosity …

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The Sacred Cycle

An audiovisionary portrayal of the cycle of reality by Troy R. Bishop. The Sacred Cycle from Troy R. Bishop on Vimeo.

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What is the Urantia Book

What is the Urantia Book? Why have you never heard of it before? Find out from real students of this life changing book, and hear how its teachings are changing the world we know.

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