Framing 2020


“A politician thinks of the next election.

A statesman, of the next generation.”

– James Freeman Clarke (1870)

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This quick reference card was inspired by the Identification Friend / Foe or IFF system used by fighter pilots.

This Quick Reference Card was inspired by the Identification Friend / Foe or IFF system used by fighter pilots. This particular IFF identifies threats on a cultural and philosophical level.

The text is derived from the Preamble to The United States Constitution.

Framing 2020 is a briefing for independent voters. It advances the principles of statesmanship over those of partisan politics. It advocates for authentic democracy and focuses on unpacking many of the issues that tend to be oversimplified or ignored by career politicians.

To the extent it provides a deep dive into the most vital issues, Framing 2020 is intended as a resource for those sincerely concerned about the future. It was casually yet effectively crowd sourced over the water cooler, across the dinner table during meetups, and on about twenty-five hundred ride-share treks. It was written to help each of us better articulate positions that are important to those who care about what the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States have advanced.

The Commons

Stranger: I mean that really true and assured opinion about honor, justice, goodness and their opposites is divine, and when it arises in men’s souls, it arises in a godlike race. – STATESMAN (Plato 360 BC) Fostering Innovation [4:20] {7A} The Air, the Water, the Soil, and the Seed [8:00] {7B} Privatizing the Common Wealth …

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Winners and Losers

Stranger: But the art which holds sway over them all and watches over the laws and all things in the state, weaving them all most perfectly together, we may, I think, by giving to its function a designation which indicates its power over the community, with full propriety call “statecraft.” – STATESMAN (Plato 360 BC) …

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A Failure to Learn

Stranger: Then if we bisected intellectual science as a whole and called one part the commanding and the other the judging part, might we say we had made fitting division? – STATESMAN (Plato 360 BC) Strength in Numbers [01:50] Selective Depopulation [05:06] (A brief history of eugenics) Herd Immunity [08:39] Deciding Who Will Live and …

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Stranger: People nowadays are likely to take into consideration enforced subjection and voluntary obedience, poverty and wealth, law and lawlessness as they occur in governments, and so they divide two of the forms we mentioned, giving to the two aspects of monarchy the two names tyranny and royalty. — STATESMAN (Plato 360 BC) This is …

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