What is Statesmanship?

In 1870, James Freemen Clark said: “A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.” We look forward to a day when self-interest is displaced by higher driving forces. For on that day our small strife-torn world, on the back road to Eternity and Infinity, will enter into a new era of light and life.

To work collectively towards such an evolutionary utopia will require discipline. When we qualify as a rebellion tested and faithful people, when poverty and social inequality are a rarity, and when we enter into an age of real spiritual striving, we will become effective ministers, advancing peace on earth and good will to all of human kind.

The School of Statesmanship at Ascension University is actively engaged in in attracting the best minds, helping them to develop an Appreciation for Enduring Value of Individual Advancement (AEVIA), and then supporting them as they return to their people as emissaries of social uplift.

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