Definitions: (1) receiving <especially compliments> with good grace and a gracious demeanor; (2) receiving with a consenting mind or willing satisfaction; (3) accepting with gratifying pleasure; (4) submitting or agreeing to an idea or a proposal; (5) understanding as true; (6) a pleasing person; agreeably civil; (7) admittance or approval <accepted as part of the group>

Synonyms: admit, aver, grateful, take, welcome, unobjectionable

Familial Quality: popular

Quote: When you really know somebody, you can’t hate them. Or maybe it’s just that you can’t really know them until you stop hating them. — Orson Scott Card (1951-) Speaker for the Dead {1986}

Reflection: They say in order to receive God’s grace all one has to do is accept it. This is true, but the manner of acceptance is not passive; it is active. What you are receiving is love, and to continue the current you must let it flow through you. You are not just a vessel but a conduit.

Tip: The giver can also think about helping the accepter accept, usually by understanding how to explain or emote acceptance.

Advice: Even though it is often a sign of acceptance, silence is usually a sign of thoughtfulness – or reluctance to express an opinion. Elicit a response. Verbal declaration is important.