An Augmentation Ministry

When Jesus gave us a promised helper, the Spirit of Truth, he made it possible for us to enjoy his presence continuously. This gift, from the Way, the Truth, and the Life is fully capable of leading us; along the Way, into all Truth, so that we may enjoy the most abundant Life possible; just … Read more

The Light Sabre

Obie-Wan Kenobi once described the Light Sabre as an elegant weapon. We might add: Especially when it is energized by just the right combination of physical light, intellectual insight, and Spirit luminosity. In the Gospel According to Matthew, the author wrote: If the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! I’ve come to believe … Read more

As Tears Go By

What would happen if George Costanza was the relevance guy at Why then a search for major celebrations during December would likely place Festivus at the very top of the results page and Christmas might not place at all. Now this could be simply because the calendar editor placed the birth of Jesus in … Read more

The Dream

As a teenager, my relationship with my father was always contentious. My questions about things that seemed important were often dismissed in ways that left me without soul satisfying answers. Although he was one of the most generous people I’ve ever known, I had developed no real appreciation for that until I was born-again into … Read more

Introducing Your Thesis Advisor

With each rising tide there is a process of increase known as accretion and, as the tide recedes, there occurs a necessary cleansing and reduction along with some sorting and sifting. Our life experience is built up and refined through a similar ebb and flow and, without this process, wisdom could not evolve.  Acquiring and … Read more

Heaven Abides Personally

When all about you is in turmoil, when adversities somehow seem insurmountable and when there is no way to avoid meeting them head on, the centering prayer is the key to staying on an even keel. Jesus was more than a carpenter. He was a boatbuilder. Each vessel he built had to withstand not only … Read more

Competing or Complementing

The spiritual endowments that both indwell and envelop us are not at odds with one another. They are steadfastly working on our behalf in a complementary fashion, in unison, in concert. Just as the various systems within a healthy human body are designed and orchestrated from on high, ministering spirits are unified and coordinated in … Read more

Attributes of God

The most appreciative stargazers and prophets have made their observations, have been appropriately awed, and have said: “You, God, are alone; there is none beside you. You have created the heaven and the heaven of heavens, with all their hosts; you preserve and control them. By the Sons of God were the universes made. The … Read more


The church of today is in free-fall because it is a house divided against itself. And, the only hope for a possible unification of Christianity is Jesus. The invisible, spiritual, brotherhood and sisterhood that Jesus personally advanced is not characterized by theological uniformity but rather by spiritual unity. The Jesus brotherhood is the true church … Read more

The Eye of the Beholder

I knew a man that, prior to embracing Jesus, spent much of his life residing on skid row. He later dedicated his life to a ministry for special populations that had challenges similar to his earlier ones. This man exuded a wisdom that was informed by the hard work associated with getting his life back … Read more