Seeking Common Ground

Developing Strategies for Diverse Groups Seeking Authentic Common Ground and Forging Consensus Understanding And Embracing Diversity: Building Bridges For Consensus In today’s increasingly interconnected and multicultural world, it is essential to develop strategies that enable diverse groups to find common ground and forge consensus. Understanding and embracing diversity is crucial in this process, as it … Read more


One thing is certain. When it comes to protecting our children, there are no easy answers. Sure, we could do a better job of flagging those that are correctly or incorrectly perceived as a danger to themselves and others. Although the powers that be would likely do so with the kind of coercive labeling that … Read more

House Undivided

“Gazing past the planets, looking for total view.”  With this lyric from the popular sixties album To Our Children’s Children’s Children, a Moody Blues tribute band opens a unique celebration of creation spirituality with the Jubilee Community on Wall Street in downtown Asheville. It was earlier this year, on a warm night in late May, … Read more

Jesus’ Gift: The Incredible, Amazing, Pervasive & Essential SPIRIT of TRUTH

In this Cosmic Citizen webcast, hosts Paula, Andre, Christilyn, Derek and their callers explore the truth about The Spirit of Truth. Part One Part Two You can follow Cosmic Citizen Radio on their Facebook page at You can also hear their Saturday Broadcast on BlogTalk Radio at

Positive Qualities: Bold & Prominent

Courage, Character, and Loyalty — Little League Baseball’s Motto, 1939 There are times when “Fate favors the fearless.” Of course, a Bold action should still be preceded by imagination, vision, and planning. All things in their order. Successful brave action will usually result in some form of Prominence, but also will kind patience, dogged persistence, … Read more

Positive Qualities: Focused & Listener

Read between the lines. Talk slowly but think quickly. Don’t believe all that you hear. Silence is sometimes the best answer. Never interrupt when you are being flattered. Remember the 3 R’s: respect for self; respect of others; responsibility for your actions.      –Author Unknown There are a whole range of things we should Focus … Read more