Definitions: (1) obliging; disposed to make adjustments in order to comply; (2) able to adapt to varying conditions; (3) staying in line with another’s expectations; (4) adjusting differences; bringing into agreement or accord; reconciling; (5) giving consideration to; satisfying a need; (6) making <an attitude or some thing> fit, suitable, or comfortable; (7) furnishing with something desired, needed, or suited

Synonyms: helpful, serving, yielding

Balancing Qualities: Free, Independent

Quote: If you treat people with respect, they will go out of their way to accommodate you. — Mohamed Mostafa ElBaradei (1942-) Egyptian law scholar & diplomat

Comment: We could use the seed as a metaphor. We, as the seed, need to have good soil, water, & light in order to grow out of the shell. But if it is not a gentle growth, there are plenty of crises, accidents, & problems that accommodate the need to grow.

Observation: The universe will accommodate your version of reality – to the extent that it can.

Suggestion: While being accommodating, be encouraging, supportive, and tolerant as well. If the person you are accommodating refuses to grow or is, in your opinion, growing too slowly, you may get frustrated. But as long as the person is moving, even a little, be patient and helpful.
     Comparison to your expected rate of progress is inevitable, yet it may be best to disregard that judgment in favor of assessing their development in relation to their own methods and measurements.