Definitions: (1) inclined to be loving; fond; (2) enamored with <of a person or thing>; (3) pertaining to, produced by, or indicating love <amorous delight>; (4) sexual love or lovemaking

Synonym: affectionate

• Love is better than chocolate, but sometimes chocolate is easier to find. — Judith Mary Kain (1948-) American empath
• I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things—then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love from henceforth! — Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) German philosopher
      Note: Amor fati: “love of one’s fate” describes an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary.