Definitions: (1) value or esteem for others; (2) conscious of the significance, desirability, or quality of a person or their deeds; (3) discriminating perception and enjoyment of aesthetic values; (4) expressing admiration, approval, or grateful acknowledgment; (5) keenly sensible of or sensitive to; intuitive awareness; (6) exercising wise judgment, delicate discernment, or keen insight in recognizing worth
     See also: Giving

Synonyms: cherished, prized, relished, treasured, understood

Balancing Quality: Respectable

• Be prepared to appreciate what you meet. — Frank Patrick Herbert Jr. (1920-1986) Dune {1965}
• By appreciation, we make excellence in others our property. — François-Marie Arouet de Voltaire (1694-1778) French philosopher

• Tell the people you love, you appreciate them.
• Recognize the compliment your friends give you by including you in their lives.

Admonition: Appreciate the plants and animals. They share and give up their lives so you can live. Respect the living energy sustaining you.

• Appreciation enhances experience. One feels an experience all the more deeply when one appreciates it, especially when shared with a friend.
• If you appreciate something, it is likely someone else does too. Keep that in mind if you like a clean park and are wondering what to do with your trash.

Exercise: Make a list of those things you appreciate: the smell of clean air, the beauty of a flower, the diversity of nature, the good people in your life, and the sunrise and sunset on the walls of the Grand Canyon.