Definitions: (1) The ability of The Creator to be close to His creation; to be intimate with every creature; (2) Potential for both The Creator and the created to move toward each other; (3) Possible for the created to emulate The Creator in character or quality; (4) Having easy and open access; friendly; (5) Able to be appreciated; (6) Able to be contacted; findable; (7) Worthy of being prayed to

• Several qualities attributed to God are His only in relation to others. God is accessible to his family of created beings. We exist. He exists. He wants the best for us; therefore, He has designed the universe so we can choose to approach His perfection.
• Considering the infinite distance, we have to go, the best we can do in this lifetime in our attempt to approach God is to face the right direction. He does everything He can to help us find Him. No matter how close to The Absolute we may get, there will always be an absolute distance to go.