Definitions: (1) done skillfully; aesthetically satisfying; (2) appreciative of art and beauty; sensitive to the arts

People Who Exemplify This Quality: Henri Matisse (1869-1954) French artist

Saying: Ars longa, vita brevis (Latin): “Art is long, life is short.”

Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary. — Amedee Ozenfant (1866-1966) French Cubist painter
Art reveals the artist’s inner self. Art reveals a man’s ideals, what he values. — Terry Goodkind (1948 -) American author
Be responsive to your audience. Art is making an interpretation of an experience. — Gerard “Jerry” Vincent Hubert Downs (1949-) American photographer & writer
The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist. — Arthur Eric Gill (1882-1940) British sculptor
The high mission of any art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought of eternity. — The Urantia Book (48:7.23)