Divine Definitions: (1) The giver of gifts; the Person with the most lavish generosity; (2) The giver of examples and life lessons; (3) The application of devotion to the universe <He bestows his love upon all his children.>

Observation: Many great people have lived remarkable lives: Jesus, Buddha, Lao-Tse, Saints (known and unknown). These lives, lived in the service of The Truth, are a gift, an example of how to live. All personalities can choose to amplify themselves to the exalted character they are meant to be. And when they do, they become a bestower of the gift of themselves upon humanity.

Comment: Among the gifts which have been bestowed upon us are: life, personality, body, mind, spirit, grace, free will, and revelation (external and internal).

Human Definitions: (1) liberal in sharing; unselfish; a warmhearted readiness to give; bountiful; (2) free from meanness or pettiness; open-handed; (3) magnanimous; noble-minded; gracious

Quote: If you get great pleasure and joy out of giving of yourself, then your “selfishness” manifests itself as generosity. — Judy Kain (1948-) American Empathic Woman

Parable: The Bible story of the employer who paid those who worked all day the same as those who worked just at the end of the day shows generosity to be a greater quality than consistency.

Comment: Generosity includes the sharing of ideas, establishing positive systems and infrastructure, caring for emotional needs, even helping control those who cannot control themselves. The best generosity gives without expectations.

Observation: One of God’s most heartwarming characteristics is Absolute Generosity.