Definitions: (1) experiencing complete happiness or joy; (2) the cause of delight or elation

Synonyms: blessed, ecstatic, rapturous

     Note: The following two quotes are from Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) Interview with Bill Moyers {1999}
• I feel if one follows his bliss, the thing which really gets you deep in the gut, and that you feel is your life, doors will open up – they do! If you are on your way, even if no one has done it before, it will open up.
• If you follow your bliss, you will have your bliss, whether you have money or not. If you follow money, you may lose that money, and then you won’t even have that. The secure way is really the insecure way.

Comment: Part of being in your bliss is being in balance. When you enhance a quality, it floods into the space where negative qualities had lurked. Bliss and fear cannot live in the same place.