Definition: astonishingly beautiful; exhibiting a remarkable ability; an exciting or thrillingly achievement

• One had to realize that mankind’s omnipotence is not in his powerful forms of energy, nor his complex machines, and not even in his wisdom: It is to be found in his flexibility, breadth, and farsightedness of thought. — Dmitri Bilenkin (1987-1987) Where Two Paths Cross {2016}
• The religious challenge of this age is to those farseeing and forward-looking men and women of spiritual insight who will dare to construct a new and appealing philosophy of living out of the enlarged and exquisitely integrated modern concepts of cosmic truth, universe beauty, and divine goodness. (2:7.10) — The Urantia Book {1955}

Comment: The body and brain can only go so long before they need to take a breather. Sleep is imperative to balanced health. On the other hand, the mind and the soul can function and grow under all circumstances. They get their insights and luminosity from higher sources.