Definition: free from anxiety, concern, or worry; trouble-free
     See also: No Worries

Compatible Quality: creativity

Quote: I can be a little messy and wild and carefree with my creativity as a solo artist. In a group, there’s a certain structure, and everyone has a part to play. ― Dawn Angeliqué Richard (1983-) American singer-songwriter
     Note: There is a difference between that solitary carefreeness versus the one you can feel with other people. When you are in sync with yourself it is easier to meld with others, but you do have to appreciate their sensibilities and how they complement yours.

Comment: Enjoy those carefree episodes in your life. Keep them alive in your imaginative memory. They will sustain you during the difficult times (as long as you do not feel sorry or sad that those good times will never come again.)

Color: orange

Symbol: bird (Native American)