Definitions: (1) extremely pleasing or delightful; entrancing; (2) to satisfy, soothe, or delight by compelling attraction; that which delights the heart; (3) the power to gain and hold affection; a fascinating or alluring quality; agreeably irresistible; enchanting; (4) to subdue or appease <especially by that which entertains and fascinates the mind>

Balancing Qualities: Genuine, Honest, Integrity, Sincerity

Compatible Qualities: kind, helpful, complementary
     Note: One who is charming knows how to take, as well as to give, a compliment.

Familial Qualities: poised, relaxed

Consequential Qualities: attractive, friendly, intriguing

• Charm: the ability to make someone think you are both rather wonderful! — Kathleen Winsor 1919–2003) American author
• If you have it [charm], you don’t need anything else. And if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter what else you have! — Sir James Barrie (1860-1937) Scottish author and dramatist, creator of Peter Pan {1911}

Symbol: black-eyed susan flowers