Definitions: (1) in cheerful good humor and health; jaunty; lively; (2) smartly dressed; soigné <elegantly well groomed>

Derivation: Northern English dialect (kipper) “lively”

We’ve found this Scott Fitzgerald chap
A chipper charming child;
He’s taught us how the flappers flap,
And why the whipper-snappers snap
— Keith Preston (1884–1927) American author

Quote: Happiness is not the shallow state of feeling pleased and chipper all the time. Happiness is the state of a human being that has achieved cross-level coherence within herself, and between herself and the people, challenges, and institutions around her. Happiness comes from between. — Jonathan David Haidt (1963-) American psychologist

Reflection: Chipper is not a very common quality (yet it must be for some folks) but if you go out in nature and listen to the birds chirping you may just catch the bug.