Definitions: (1) combining the qualities of two (or more) different matters or ideas; (2) something lying between the extremes; (3) adjusting or settling a difference by mutual agreement, often with concessions on both sides

Derivation: Latin, com- “with” or “together” + promittere “promise”

Comment: The different parties in a dispute often think they have to give something away in order for a compromise to be effected. Although this is the case in some instances, it need not be the case altogether. Compromising is defined as a “combining of qualities.” There need not be a loss. It need not be a matter of giving away (lateral thinking), but a matter of giving up (vertical thinking). The blending of positive qualities will bring about a novel, unexpected, and better result.

Consideration: Indeed, when the blending of ideas and ideals is perfect there can appear something surprising, synergistic, even superadditive. Hydrogen and oxygen, in perfect harmony, create water.