Definitions: (1) combining the qualities of two (or more) different matters or ideas; (2) something lying between the extremes; (3) adjusting or settling a difference by mutual agreement, often with concessions on both sides

Derivation: Latin, “with promise”

Quote: A multicultural society does not reject the culture of the other but is prepared to listen, to see, to dialogue and, in the final analysis, to possibly accept the other’s culture without compromising its own. — Reuven “Ruvi” Rivlin (1939-) Israeli politician & lawyer; 10th President of Israel

Comment: The different parties in a dispute often think they have to give something away in order for a compromise to be effected. Although this is the case in some instances, it need not be the case altogether. Compromising is defined as a “combining of qualities.” There need not be a loss. It need not be a matter of giving away (lateral thinking), but a matter of giving up (vertical thinking). The blending of positive qualities will bring about a novel, unexpected, and better result.

Consideration: Indeed, when the blending of ideas and ideals is perfect there can appear something surprising, synergistic, even superadditive. Hydrogen and oxygen, in perfect harmony, create water.

Observation: A daredevil will compromise safety for the thrill of the adventure.