Definitions: (1) in agreement or harmony <usually with others>; accordant; congruous; consistent; (2) sympathetic vibration <said of musical tones, but can also be so with personalities> 

Synonyms: suitable, unified

Consideration: It can be argued that the purpose for existence is to mesh with or be more consistent with observable reality. Science defines itself in these terms: the more accurate the theory, the more in agreement with “reality” and therefore more accepted.
     Here, in our earth effort, the good as well as the bad (people) prosper or fail in what sometimes seems to be a haphazard way. Nonetheless, we know by experience the extent to which we are growing closer to, or moving farther away from, objective reality. After physical death we will get real proof of the results of our efforts. The initial fact of reawakening as our “self” will affirm some hope in the correctness of the hypothesis. If, on the other hand, some other theory of what is true proves to be correct, a different result will occur. Fact is a great changer of minds. If, say, the theory of nonconsciousness, or unconscious melding with an oversoul, proves to be true, we would not have much to decide. We wouldn’t know ourselves as individual conscious beings capable of arguing the effects or merits of various theories.
     My conviction is we will continue to experience reality as an individual entity. And yes, we will be in a different environment with new circumstances with a continuum of experience. In other words, we will wake up on the other side recognizing our existence, remembering our previous life, and continuing from where we left off. Our purpose will still be to make positive choices, thus guaranteeing sustained survival.

Symbol: an Ouroboros [a dragon or serpent biting its own tail]