Definitions: (1) giving to the common good; (2) having a consonant purpose; <Her skillful acting was contributive to the success of the play.>; (3) making a gift toward; (4) paying a share into

Familial Quality: lagniappe <a small gift, any nice little extra bonus> 

Proverb: Everyone must row with the oars they have. — English

• Doing good is a simple and universal vision. A vision to which each and every one of us can connect and contribute to its realization. A vision based on the belief that by doing good deeds, [thinking] positively, and [choosing] affirmative words, feelings, and actions; we can enhance goodness in the world. — Shari Arison (1957-) American-Israeli philanthropist
• Anyone can accomplish anything and rise to the challenge as long as they are willing to work with others, to let go of the personal agenda, to reach a higher goal, and to do what is right for the common good. — Julie Payette (1963-) Canadian engineer, scientist, & former astronaut