Definitions: (1) beautiful in texture, quality, or workmanship <delicate demeanor>; (2) elegantly mild, light, or soft; (3)slight and subtle <a delicate difference>; (4) sensitive in feeling, understanding, or responsiveness; (5) having a discriminating distaste for the offensive or unseemly; (6) finely skilled; well done; (7) considerate and tactful

Derivation: Latin, “giving pleasure”

Balancing Quality: firm

Too Far: If you keep digging up a delicate plant to see how well the roots are taking, it dies. — Patricia Oren Kearney Cadigan (1953-) Variation on a Man (1984) British-American author

Symbols: 1) a butterfly’s wing; 2) the almond tree [sweet blossoms that can be destroyed by frost]