Definitions: (1) to long for; to want; to crave; to earnestly wish to possess and enjoy <a worthy objective>; (2) to ask for; (3) an alluring person or thing; attractive; fine; (4) exciting to possess because it is pleasing, beautiful, or excellent; (5) sexual appetite; passionate; (6) advantageous, advisable <a desirable reform>

Derivation: Latin, “influenced by the stars”

Synonyms: eager, hanker, inclination, pine, request, solicit, tantalizing

Balancing Qualities: Appreciative, Creative, Flexible, Patient, Persistent

Too Far: When desire is taken too far it is toxic.
Consider the seven deadly sins:
• Anger (wrath): a drastic need to be right, safe, or strong
• Covetousness (avarice, greed): a powerful desire for wealth
• Envy: a discontented desire for what another possesses
• Gluttony: an excessive desire for sustenance
• Lust: an intense desire for sexual pleasure
• Pride: an extreme desire for self-aggrandizement
• Sloth (laziness): a disproportionate desire for comfort

• If we didn’t want anything, we would never get anything, good or bad. I think our longings are natural. — Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919) Tik-Tok of Oz {1914}
• Truly, the image makes the condition if you will make the mental image. Consciously have confidence that your desires can come true, place a picture of the desired result where you can daily view it. Your subconscious mind will make it so, and your convictions will come to pass. — Catherine Ponder (1927-) The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity {1962}
     Note: Ms. Ponder, like most, attributes the power of manifestation to the subconscious mind, while in reality the superconscious mind is where the real action takes place.

I give thanks for the immediate, complete, and proper fulfillment of my appropriate desires. This or something better will happen with perfect timing.
     Note: In order to attain your desire you must choose it; focus on it, pay attention to it; take interest in and don’t be distracted from your true desire. Be specific; be definite and sincere with yourself. Write down your dominant desires desires and work on them every day.

Wanted or Unwanted Desire
Give yourself permission to look at your desire, without judgment, to assess your underlying need.

• If you take what you want, you will experience the consequences – good or bad.
• Yearn without pain. Enjoy your desire until it is fulfilled and then enjoy what you have attained.

All people want things they cannot have. But mature people find comfortable ways to live without all of their wants. They also work on developing the skills to acquire what is truly needed.

In chemistry sublimation is the transition of a gas to a solid or a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid. It skips a seemingly needed stage. Likewise, you can jump directly to your need. Focus on your highest, most noble request and choose it. Re-choose the new desire again and again. Desire is a quality of the future. 

Repression, Suppression
• Repressing a desire connotes an exercise of willpower. It is usually best to subdue your negative emotions. It is also often advisable to actively control your positive emotions. It is admirable to hold yourself back from your desire when necessary. Use your restraint with wisdom.
• Suppressing a needed desire is just as stressful as the suppression of an inappropriate desire. Both can cause unease or even disease.

Desire is often an emotional feeling. Train yourself to be more objective. Move your focus to an intellectual process, and then back to the emotional. An honest appraisal of the situation is of paramount importance. Frequent reality checks help you stay on track.
     It may be within your power to influence the future, especially if the change is within you. Wanting to change reality into something it is not is only valuable when setting subjective goals, but you cannot change objective reality. The past is a fact. The present is the only place where choice, action, and change can actually occur. Albeit, you can change your attitude about the past.

• What is fair?
• What are my basic needs?
• How do I fulfill my wants?
• Is my desire proper to take?
• Is my timing clear and right?
• Is my longing a need or a wish?
• Can my desire be fulfilled another way?
• What is the derivation/nature of my craving?
• Am I willing to have my desire if it were available right now?
• Do I desire attainment, attention, happiness, love, pleasure, power, recognition, security …?

Symbols: 1) fruit; 2) a siren; 3) the apple; 4) the hunter5) Orchid flowers