Definitions: (1) inclined to take matters in a relaxed, unhurried way; good-natured; (2) moving at an effortless pace; placid

Quote: To be a pleasant person, you would at least need to see the point of being a pleasant person. Or have it explained to you at some sort of ‘finishing school’ where you could actually learn the laws of propriety and the skills of appearing well-adapted, easygoing, and attractively trouble free. — Michael Leunig (1945-) Australian cartoonist

How to Live This Quality Today: There are times circumstances dictate you should not be hurried. At those times mellow into a relaxed flow. When you’re waiting for the toast to pop up; when you’re in an elevator; when you’re on hold on the phone, you can take the time to relax. Or use it to prepare for what comes next. Either way, easy does it.

Symbols: 1) a hammock; 2) a hot tub