Definition: (1) overflowing with enthusiasm; high-spirited; showing much exuberance or exhilaration; (2) A sudden rush of joy

Derivation: Latin, “boiling” or “bubbling”

Too Far: Over the top all of the time

Quote: But it is possible, it is possible: the old grief, by a great mystery of human life, gradually passes into quiet, tender joy; instead of young, ebullient blood comes a mild, serene old age: I bless the sun’s rising each day and my heart sings to it as before, but now I love its setting even more, its long slanting rays, and with them quiet, mild, tender memories, dear images from the whole of a long and blessed life and over all is God’s truth, moving, reconciling, all-forgiving! — Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) Russian novelist