Definitions: (1) producing a definite, decisive, or desired result; (2) functional; operative; active; (3) making a striking impression
     See also: Efficient

Synonyms: conclusive, convincing, forcible, influential, potent
     Note: Effective is used regarding the accomplishment of things; getting something done no matter if it’s done efficiently or not. Efficient means getting things done with the least amount of effort and time.

People Who Exemplify This Quality: rock climbers

Quote: People, like everything else, work better in parallel than they do in series. … When things are organized socialistically in a bureaucratic series, any increase in complexity increases the probability of failure. But when they’re organized in a free-enterprise parallel, an increase in complexity becomes an increase in diversity more capable of responding to Dynamic Quality, and thus an increase of the probability of success. — Robert Manard Pirsig (1928-) Lila {1991}