Definition: operating with force, vigor, and effect; exhibiting power; spirited; efficacious; elan

Too Far: hyperactive, manic

Quote: I know of no other act in the local or immediate universe that requires more energy (I didn’t say effort) than the act of letting go. — Gerard “Jerry” Vincent Hubert Downs (1949-) American photographer & writer

Tip: Have projects you like to do, and get enough sleep.

Advice: Although it is tempting (even unavoidable) to feel anger, bitterness, or frustration when you have been wronged, you can use that energy for good. Resolve to feel pity rather than bitterness; turn that swirl of anger into ideas of how to help (if not that person, then someone). If you do help the poor, sick soul who hurt you, you will become better acquainted with compassion.
     If you cannot bring yourself to do anything else, at least you can pray for them – and for yourself.

Color: orange

Symbols: 1) fire; 2) hair; 3) the sun; 4) the snake; 5) chakras: The qualities associated with each chakra are: a) root chakra: security and stability; b) sacral chakra: joy, creativity, and sexuality; c) solar plexus chakra: will and personal power; d) heart chakra: love and emotion; e) thymus chakra: compassion, community, and peace; f) throat/ears chakra: truthfulness, spontaneity, communion, and listening; g) third eye chakra: expanding awareness and psychic perception; h) crown chakra: God consciousness and the higher self.