Definition: (1) inspiring ecstasy; enrapturous; delightful; charming; enchanting, engrossing; (2) fill with wonder; hold someone’s attention; engrossing; captivating

• Being mystified is a good beginning, because you won’t do what you’ve done before. —  Alan Alda [born Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo] (1936-) American actor
• It is important to see that, in the critique of ideology, only those interventions will work which make sense to the mystified subject itself. — Terry Eagleton (1943-) English literary theorist

Comment: There is a reason ‘entrance’ (an entryway) and ‘entrance’ (captivating) are spelled the same. There is always something on the other side, be it familiar or mysterious, there is a reason to find out.

Observation: All of the senses can hold you in awe: a lunar eclipse so astonishing you cannot look away; a classical symphony so fascinating you follow its every note and nuance; an excellent meal so well balanced you savor every taste; the silkiness of Angora fur so soft it captures your attention for as long as you touch it; the smell of the air after a warm spring rain fills you with comfort.