Divine Definitions: (1) God fills all and knows all; comprehensive; (2) Extant through finite evolution up to Universe Destiny; (3) The instigator of the growth of personalities and the amplifier of reality; (4) Possessing the largest measure of benevolence; the most broad-minded; (5) Possessing the maximum of magnificence in generosity, open-heartedness, and sympathy; (6) Abundant; stupendous; (7) Spreading out; unfolding

Comment: God has given people the ability to turn potentials into actuals, i.e., growth. The potentials in an infinite universe are limitless therefore growth is ever-expansive – forever. Our capacity is ever-increasing.

We will eventually be able to revisit all of the possibilities we missed due to circumstances, negligence, or poor choices. We will be given a chance to accomplish all of the opportunities we left unfulfilled.