Definition: done with prompt efficiency; speedy; quick

Derivation: Latin, “ready for action”

Balancing Quality: Inventive

• You can’t gather much if you won’t go on a risky expedition. Leaders never fear the thorns; they’ll still go in for the beautiful roses no matter the number of pricks they’ll get. ― Israelmore Ayivor (1989-) Inspirational speaker
• Have confidence in your decisions. Make them expeditiously, and stay with them as long as you believe you are correct no matter what others say. However, when you conclude you were in error, do not hesitate to announce the error publicly and change course. ― Edward Irving Koch (1924-2013) American mayor of New York City

How to Live This Quality Today: Set yourself a job. Figure out how long it would normally take, and then do it in less time, while still doing it professionally.

Comment: Before you can move expeditiously, and if you have time, it is wise to study the the situation or problem as thoroughly as possible. Then take action.