Divine Definitions: (1) Flawless in all qualities; (2) Free from anything which might impair appearance, quality, or character; beautiful; (3) Open; honest; (4) Able to evaluate reality objectively; equitable; impartial; unbiased; (5) Able to take all things into consideration; evenhanded; equanimous; (6) Sympathetic of the plight of others; accepting; commiserative; (7) Truthful at all times; ingenuous; upstanding; (8) The perfect melding of justice and mercy

• One of the first qualities a child understands is fairness. They first want their way – for the other person to be fair with them. But they soon begin to understand fairness is a two-way street. We hold certain qualities in high regard for each other. How much more so are these qualities exemplified by The Creator of moral value itself? God holds up His end of the fairness exchange. Our part is to align our will with His, most eminently fair, will.

• Is there a fairness to the hardships which we are asked to endure and learn from? Since God is fair, if we are pushed beyond His sense of fairness, we will be compensated.