Divine Definitions: (1) The head of the household <in His case: the universe>; paternal; (2) Devoted to the care and rearing of the family; (3) The first Person of The Trinity; (4) The originator and initiator of all things and beings; The Father-Absolute

Comment: Here Father denotes the loving nature of The Original Person.
     See Also: Mother

Human Definition: (1) fatherly or motherly integral characteristics; tender; affectionate; (2) the source from which something is derived

• Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. — The Bible, Matthew 5:48
• In gaining an entrance into the kingdom of heaven, it is the motive that counts. My Father looks into the hearts of men and judges by their inner longings and sincere intentions. — Jesus of Nazareth (7 bc-30 ad) The Urantia Book (140:3.19)

Reflection: One of the ten commandments, “Honor your father and mother.”

Observation: One can be the parent of an idea and nurture an ideal.

• It is important to know how to let your child learn. Give them the tools, instruction, encouragement, and then the freedom. We all learn differently.
• Notice what talents your child has naturally. Expose them to lots of options. Give your child the benefit of your observations about their talents and interests.

Human Definition: fatherly; characteristic of a father or fatherhood <as loyal, supportive, protective, loving, giving, and generous>