Definitions: (1) possessing the power of seeing beforehand; prescience; (2) having thoughtful regard or provision for the future; prudent forethought; (3) exhibiting the ability to project to oneself and others the consequences of actions taken

Quote: Lacking foresight, evolution is simply opportunistic, retaining those features that were available when opportunity knocked. … It even created the capacity for music and poetry and humor – somehow. — William H. Calvin (1939-) American theoretical neurophysiologist; The River That Flows Uphill {1986}

Comment: All of the confusion, frustration, and sorrow caused by war, greed, corruption, and ignorance have a hope of being mitigated if large numbers of people, individually, decide to focus on some general good. People may turn to the positive because they are tired of the misery they have wrought upon themselves and others. We can have the foresight to seek the light beyond our own desires.
     The most permanent of these disasters is the ongoing destruction of plants, animals, and habitats which may take another hundred generations to rebuild – if they can come back at all.
     We need to extend our vision into the future. But more importantly we need to extend our love and concern to those people who will be facing these sad consequences. After all, they are our children.