Definitions: (1) liberal in sharing; unselfish; freehearted; a warmhearted readiness to give; bountiful; (2) free from meanness or pettiness; open-handed; (3) magnanimous; free-handed; nobleminded; gracious

Synonyms: abundance, fulsome

Balancing Quality: Practical

Too Far: poverty

• If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. — Leslie Townes “Bob” Hope (1903-2003) American comedian
• If you get great pleasure and joy out of giving of yourself, then your “selfishness” manifests itself as generosity. — Judith Mary Kain (1948-) American empath

Parable: The Bible story of the employer who paid those who worked all day the same as those who worked just at the end of the day shows generosity to be a greater quality than consistency.

Comment: Generosity does not mean only the giving of money. It also includes the sharing of ideas, establishing positive systems and infrastructure, caring for physical and emotional needs, even helping control those who cannot control themselves.
     An attitude of generosity may or may not include an overt or hidden sense of payback. But the best generosity gives without expectations.

Observation: One of God’s most heartwarming characteristics is Absolute Generosity.

Symbol: a mountain (Chinese)