Definitions: (1) refined or polite; noble; (2) heeding the need of others with delicacy and sensitivity; generous; kind; (3) able to handle a situation smoothly; self-composed, serene; patient; (4) mild; moderate

Synonyms: meek, pacific, peaceful, placid, quiet, softhearted, tender

Balancing Qualities: Determined, Strong

Maxim: Gently in manner, strongly in deed.

Quote: The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time. — Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) American naturalist

Comment: We associate gentleness with the sense of touch; but even though we cannot physically touch most people, we can touch their hearts with the kindness of a smile, touch their minds with an encouraging word, or touch their funny bones with a sense of humor.

Symbol: the unicorn {Gentleness and Longevity} (Chinese)