Definitions: (1) to transfer one’s own possession (material, mental, emotional, or spiritual) freely to another without asking anything in return; (2) devoted to a cause, occupation, pursuit, or goal; (3) reciprocal <given, felt, or done in return>

Balancing Quality: Appreciation

Too Far: You can sacrifice yourself under necessary situations, but sacrifice can be negative. If you give beyond the need, you could be depriving the receiver of a valuable learning experience and allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Or if the receiver takes more than is needed, they are turning positive generosity into negative greed.

• What fulfills you is not what you keep but what you give away. — Madeline Manning Mims (1948-) American 800 meter gold medal Olympian
• Freely have you received; therefore freely should you give of the truth of heaven, and in the giving will this truth multiply and show forth the increasing light of saving grace, even as you minister it. (176:3.10) — Jesus of Nazareth (7 BC-30 AD) The Urantia Book {1955}

Analogy: Giving and receiving can be seen in the infinity symbol (∞). Divide the symbol in half horizontally with the bottom half as the giving side and the top half as the receiving side. Divide it left and right. The left side is the self; the right side is the other person or persons. Whatever you’ve got to give crosses through the central point. It goes into the other’s receiving chamber.
     The quantity and quality of the giving is dependent on the capability and capacity of the giving person, but also on his or her attitude toward the receiver. The quantity and quality being received is modified by the receiver’s openness and their ability to receive. A flood of good could be given (information, goods, services, love) but the receiver can only receive what he or she allows. God gives us unlimited love, but we can receive only according to our willingness, maturity, and experience.
     If this closed loop is flowing perfectly, if there are no choke points, the flow of energy increases. As the flow increases, the size and volume of the opening will increase as well. Greed, the desire to receive and hold with no reciprocal giving, creates a choke point. The reason for this greed is usually insecurity; but the result is ingesting a greater quantity than is needed. This causes mistrust, alienation, and bloating.
     The saying goes, “The more you give, the more you receive.” The true compensation for giving is on a spiritual level with satisfaction, learning, and the experience of both giving and receiving. These are much more valuable than the temporary rewards of money, privilege, or prestige; albeit, these physical rewards can also be deserved.

• If you continually give, you will continually have.
• The more people receive, the more they “have” to give.
• There is not only pleasure in receiving but also in giving.

Comment: There is a natural flow to the energy of giving and receiving. Give with all the generosity in your heart. Receive with all the genuine & polite appreciation you possess.
     Giving is, of course, a positive quality, but taking is normally considered negative. On the other hand, taking can also be positive. We take every day from the plant and animal kingdoms for our sustenance. And what do we give back? There has to be, as in everything, a balance.
     One of the most generous gifts is to graciously accept the love we receive from others. Those who are giving to you are doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. It is only right for you to appreciate their gifts. Consider the kiss. If you’re kissing someone you love, it is your wish they are receiving with as much appreciation as you are giving.

Experience: I once stood in an unnamed side canyon in the Grand Canyon where I was overwhelmed by the absolute beauty surrounding me – flowers, colors, rocks, flowing water. Even the air was pristine and pure. I was strong, healthy, and happy. I realized, through the intensity of the beauty, that this point in time and this place in space were a great gift created by a Divine Being specifically for me. There was no concern for how many millions of years it took to create the universe and the planet; no matter the evolution of melting and molding and weathering the rocks. That was the price freely and lovingly paid to give me this moment in time. The only thing left to do was to experience the appreciation and to appreciate the experience. And so it is for each present moment.

Symbol: infinity (∞)

Legendary Figures: Santa Claus, based on the person of Saint Nicholas (270-343), the Greek bishop of Myra, the patron saint of children
     Note: Kris Kringle: “Kris” from Christ + “Kringle” from kind.