Definitions: (1) The personal aspect of deity; (2) The One Uncaused Reality; (3) The first, best, and highest being in existence; (4) The embodiment of sanctity

• Divinity is the unifying and coordinating quality of deity. Divinity is qualitatively comprehended as love, truth, beauty, and goodness. Divinity is correlated in personality as love, mercy, and ministry. Divinity is manifest impersonally as justice, power, and sovereignty.

God started it all going. He lets it run its course with the aid of beings who He also created that have a place in the scheme of things. God is supernatural, above nature, as well as in nature, but nature is not God.

Quote: God is the shortest distance between Zero and Infinity – in either direction. But God, being without dimension, is not a line but a point. Therefore, God is the tangential point between Zero and Infinity. — Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) Elements of Pataphysics* (1911) * The Science of Imaginary Solutions

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