Definitions: (1) making an imprint on the mind or senses; (2) the power to affect or excite attention and feeling; (3)arousing admiration or respect

Synonyms: important, imposing

• Every impressive achievement is not genius. — Ronald William Howard (1954-) American actor-director
• It’s far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help. — Judith Martin [aka: Miss Manners] (1938-) American author

Comment: The weak-minded will be impressed with power of any sort – positive or negative. One needs to tap into their inner truth sense verify their feeling.

Observation: If you do something well, it will usually impress someone. There is an exception to this. In an organization where the job is to create a smooth flow, the smoother things go the less the people who create that smoothness leave an impression. Organizations, in general, are dealing with events (as well as people) that do not go well. It takes a wise and observant manager to occasionally set aside the handling of difficulties to praise those reliable invisible people who make his or her life easier.